The Australian Cultural Center together with ‘SUNFLOWER’ Charity Foundation, which raises money for children with immunodeficiency disorders, staged an entertaining and educational program for the children in the clinical immunology wing of RDKB children’s hospital.

We spoke about Australia and our travel adventures across the green continent; we also held a painting workshop - embellishing wooden boomerangs with aboriginal motifs.

But the true uproar for the children was the photo session against the backdrop of one of Australia’s well known landmarks - Uluru. Donning Australian cowboy hats and brandishing a boomerang the kids, albeit vicariously, experienced a phenomenal trip to Australia.

We were glad to share in the warmth, happiness and gratitude that were expressed by kids and their parents amidst their difficult life situation.

We would like to thank Jessica Collingwood from the Australian Embassy in Moscow, for her assistance and time in this charity event.